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LEONOV University of Technology



The system of organization of scientific activity 2015


Science of the basic departments of the University of Technology 2016

The effectiveness of research and development departments 2016


University Report 2016

Engineering Center

Technology availability


Report on scientific work at the University for 2017

Engineering Center

Laboratory of University of Technology

University of Technology Base Department of Quantum


Report on scientific work at the University for 2018

Nanchang University Agreement 2019 China

Production of Preform_en

R&D Composites_CVD_CVI&Technopark

Brief recommendations for authors on the preparation and design of scientific articles in journals indexed in international scientometric databases

Composites Compositing Laboratory

Material and technical support of the University (Speaker - V.A. Startsev)

MTO Laboratory MGOTU Scientific Council

About the XLVI Public Scientific Readings dedicated to the memory of Yu.A. Gagarin in g.o. Korolev (Speaker - I.S. Zuntova)

Report on the application of scholarship allowances for achievements in scientific activities (Speaker - I.S. Zuntova)

Project approach in science Scientific Council

The project approach and the role of the supervisor in the system of scientific and innovative activities of the University (Speaker - V.A. Startsev)

Modern trends in HE and STR in the world as a development prospect of MGOTU (On the example of the universities of Holland_ Germany and China)

Additive Technologies (FORmnext 2019)


Report on scientific work at the University for 2019


Engineering Center 2022


Personal data of employees are provided in accordance with the Consent to the processing of personal data

Policy regarding the processing of personal data

Information about the current requirements for the protection of personal data

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