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LEONOV University of Technology

Traditional events

Student life is freedom and responsibility in one bundle! This is the time when you can discover new talents in yourself, learn new sciences, create a reliable circle of people around you who will accompany you all your life. Life at the University of Technology is, first of all, a friendly team, a huge number of opportunities, the implementation of the most daring ideas, continuous creativity and self-realization.

"VNEUCHEBKA" as the students call the extra-curricular activities, is precisely the place where the student active, interesting, and fun life begins.

Various students of our University not only succeed in studies but actively participate in the extra-curricular activities. Thanking to close cooperation between the teaching staff and the students , the traditions have been established in the University of Technology. Below you will find the main of them.


Students event Freshers day - September

The Unitech Cup of intellectual competition What? Where? When? - September

The freshers alley laying September

The students day Tatiana day event - January

Scientific student conferences - Annually

Meeting of students with the World War II veterans May

Memory watch, dedicated to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War May

Solemn diploma delivery ceremony - June

Talent show December

Mister and Miss University of Technology competition - March

Charity events Annually

Our traditions

Freshers Day

Festival of National Cultures

Student Creativity Festival

Russian Students Day (Tatiana Day)

Solemn Award Ceremony "Golden Section"

"Mister and Miss of University" Contest

Memory Watch, dedicated to the victims of the Great Patriotic War

Meetings with veterans of the Great Patriotic War

Photo exhibition, dedicated to the victory in the Great Patriotic War "Know Remember Proud !"

Excursions to the "Golden Ring" cities of Russia

Korolev KVN Leagues games

Graduation Ceremony

Holiday Camps for Youth Activists

Fresher Alley Laying

Report Concert of the University Creative Teams


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