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LEONOV Moscow Region
University of Technology

Scientific and technical council (STC)

The Scientific and Technical Council (hereinafter referred to as the SÒÑ) is a scientific, methodological and expert advisory body for planning, organizing, coordinating and monitoring the research activities of the University of Technology.

The Scientific and Technical Council considers the problems and issues of planning, organizing, carrying out and implementing research and development projects, innovative projects of the UNITECH teams and units, as well as the issues of training scientific and pedagogical personnel during postgraduate studies.

STC is guided in its work by the principles of:

  • the most complete involvement of scientific and pedagogical workers in the implementation of research, development and innovative projects;
  • training scientific and pedagogical staff of higher qualifications and advanced scientific qualifications of the teaching staff, as well as attracting the most capable young scientists, graduate students and students to carry out scientific research;
  • use of research results in the educational process.


Chairman of STC - Vyacheslav Startsev, Ph.D. (Economics)

Secretary of STC - Julia Nikolaeva

tel.: +7 (495) 543 34 31 ext. 2141

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Personal data of employees are provided in accordance with the Consent to the processing of personal data

Policy regarding the processing of personal data

Information about the current requirements for the protection of personal data


141070 Moscow Region,
city of Korolev, st. Gagarin St., 42

+7 (495) 516-99-29
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