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LEONOV University of Technology

International Students Reviews

This year I am already finishing my studies. I entered the University of Technology  in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. At first it seemed unattainable, but thanks to the opportunities that our University provides to its students, I became a student of this wonderful University and I am very happy about that.

During my studies, I have acquired many friends and colleagues, a huge amount of knowledge and skills.In addition to my studies, I was engaged in the Cultural Committee of the University, was a secretary of the Student Council, played in KVN, went to a summer camp, worked as a mentor in a winter camp, participated in scientific research, developed several of my own projects and even implemented them in practice, took part in a largenumber of conferences and forums, flew to Orenburg for the international forum Eurasia and, of course, greatly broadened my horizons.All this and much more appeared in my life thanks to the University of Technology.I definitely see a big difference in myself during these three and a half years and I love my University, teachers and employees who believe in us and help to realize our potential.

Alexandra Ganeeva, 4th year student

After an excellent completion of my first year study, the University authorities decided to transfer me to a budgetary form of study.This incredibly motivated and inspired me to continue studying, reaching new heights in my profession in the major Design.

It's nice that our University has a very friendly atmosphere.The university is a family of teachers and students from different countries.In the name of peoples' friendship, many events and holidays are held here, where we get to know the culture and history of other countries.

And when I am askedwhich university I study at, I always proudly answer: At the LeonovUniversity of Technology.After all, it was that place that introduced me to the people who became my close friends, and also provided me with the deep knowledge base that is necessary for further work in the field of environmental design.

Amina Elderbieva, 4th year student

I came from Uzbekistan, from the city of Fergana.I chose the University of Technology because there are many opportunities for development: you can get additional education in parallel with the basic education, take part in exchange programs, internships abroad and develop your creative talents in your free time by participating in the extracurricular life of the University.I have been visiting themodern dance studio for the second year, and I really enjoy it.

Yana Karataeva, 3rd year student

I got very interested in the University of Technology because there are very good teachers.And what is more the University has established close cooperation with other countries, where you can go by exchange programs.I am glad that I study at this University!I made the right choice.

Guzalya Galimdzhanova, 3rd year student

I entered our University of Technology after good reviews from the teachers of the preliminary courses, which I attended, preparing to enter the University.And I didn't regret  my choice for a second.

My student years at the University are very busy. In addition to my main studies, I participate in the Student Council and extracurricular activities, which open up a large number of opportunities for students: various events, excursions, forums and master classes. The latter is especially useful for me as a person who is keen on photography. Therefore, I try not to miss a single chance and take the maximum from studying at the University of Technology.

Nastasya Faizulova, 3rd year student


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