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LEONOV University of Technology

Laboratory of Sociological Research

Laboratory specialization:

  • Conducting sociological research and developing recommendations for improving the studied social phenomena and processes;
  • Formation of the sociological data bank;
  • Preparation of methods for the effective use of the scientific, technical and educational potential of the University;
  • R&D activity.

Objectives of activity:

  1. Effective use of the scientific, technical and educational potential of the University in order to organize and conduct sociological research.
  2. Involvement of the teaching staff, researchers, specialists, students and postgraduates of the higher educational institutions in active research and educational activities.
  3. Formation of the bank for information, statistical and sociological data on social and other processes for their analysis and interpretation, with subsequent use in educational and scientific processes.


  1. Development and implementation of fundamental and applied R & D in the field of humanities and socio-economic sciences.
  2. Ensuring the interaction of fundamental and applied science with the educational process at all its stages, including the use of the joint research activities results in lecture courses; experimental base for the implementation of educational, research, laboratory activities and term papers, internship and undergraduate practice.
  3. Attracting the qualified employees of scientific organizations to giving special courses of lectures, supervising research and term/undergraduate papers, student practice and postgraduate internships.
  4. Implementation of international cooperation in the field of humanities and socio-economic sciences through the contracts performance, participation of the Laboratory in the international conferences, organization of the international exchange of staff, students and young scientists with the universities and laboratories around the world, international scientific and educational organizations and funds, participation in the Russian and regional associations of innovation centers activities.
  5. Creation of conditions for consolidating the talented youth in the field of science and high-tech production, organization of new jobs.

Main activities.

Educational activity:

  • The following classes are held on the basis of Laboratory: "Data analysis in sociolog", "Modern information technology in the social sciences", "Theory of measurement in sociolog".
  • Conducting student educational practice in major 39.03.01 "Sociology".

Scientific activity:

The Laboratory organizes and conducts sociological research from the development of the sociological research program to the processing of the received information, providing the detailed report and recommendations for solving the studied problems. In addition, the scientific activity includes:

  • Collection, synthesis and analysis of scientific sociological information. Development on this basis of conclusions, forecasts and recommendations on issues studied in the research;
  • Informing the public about the most significant results of sociological studies;
  • onsulting services to government bodies, public and commercial organizations, private individuals through conducting sociological research, developing tools and research methods, sociological processing and data analysis;
  • Sociological analysis of socio-political and socio-economic problems;
  • Study of public opinion on various issues (religion, inter ethnic relations, electoral preferences, etc.);
  • Study of the financial situation and income level of families;
  • assessment of the structure of consumption of goods and services;
  • Media research, media audience research;
  • onsideration of the organization internal structural problems (study of the socio-psychological climate and status-role structure of the organization) and development of specific recommendations for their solution.

Research topics:

  • "Social conditions for overcoming gender inequalities management";
  • "Managing the process of spiritual and moral values transmission in the context of society modernization";
  • "Prediction of social processes at the enterprises of the rocket and space industry";
  • "Management of social policy at the enterprises of the rocket and space industry: models and practices";
  • "Formation of labor potential for high-tech production (managerial aspect)";
  • "Problems of styles, motivation and participation in management at the enterprise of the rocket and space industry";
  • "Management of integration processes in the development of regional society (on the example of the Moscow region)".

Research methods used:

  • qualitative methods: focus group, sociological observation, in-depth interviews, expert interviews;
  • quantitative methods: questionnaires, formalized interviews, content analysis.

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