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LEONOV University of Technology

Acting Rector of the University of Technology Natalia Frolova, Doctor of Law
Tel: +7 (495) 512-00-34

Dear friends!

We are glad to welcome you to our University of Technology an advanced university, which is a flagship for the rocket and space industry in Russia!

It is very important for us that our students receive only high-quality education, in-demand knowledge and skills applicable in today's rapidly changing world. Our graduates find their vocation in the most high-tech fields of activity: rocket science, robotics, information technology, developments in the field of artificial intelligence, etc. And we are proud of their high professional achievements!

The University of Technology is a major scientific and educational center where our solid team of students, teachers, employees and partners is working on the development of scientific thought. And we will be happy if you join our big university family! Together with you we will achieve even higher results in education and science. Welcome!


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141070 Moscow Region,
city of Korolev, st. Gagarin St., 42

+7 (495) 516-99-29
+7 (495) 516-99-46