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LEONOV Moscow Region
University of Technology

Postgraduate study

In the Russian Federation, postgraduate education is the third level of professional education, providing training of highly qualified personnel.

The postgraduate program of the University of Technology was started in 2006.

Currently, the graduate school trains highly qualified personnel in the following areas of training:

  • 38.06.01 "Economics"
  • 09.06.01 "Computer science and computing engineering"
  • 27.06.01 "Management in technical systems"
  • 37.06.01 "Psychological scicences"
  • 39.06.01 "Sociological sciences"
  • 02.06.01 "Computer and information sciences"
  • 22.06.01 "Material technology"

The scientific management of graduate students is carried out by 26 doctors of sciences and 12 candidates of sciences.

Training of highly qualified personnel is carried out in full-time and part-time forms of training by the Departments of Management, Economics, Information Technology and Control Systems, Quality Management and Standardization, Accounting and Auditing, Finance and Economic Analysis, Applied Psychology, Humanitarian and Social Disciplines.


Kolgushkina Alina

Ph.D (Economics), Associate Professor
Head of Post graduate study

Tel.: +7 (495) 543 34 31 ext. 140


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city of Korolev, st. Gagarin St., 42

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