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State Educational Institution of Higher Education Moscow Region

University of Technology


30.08.2019 UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY – FRESHER’S DAY The University of Technology freshers took part in the student initiation ceremony. 524 young men and girls were enrolled at the University this year. The Fresher’s Day was held in paintball club “Gvardia” in Pushkin region. A varied all day event programwas preparedfor the freshers. At first they got acquainted with the senior Universityofficials and academics who gave them good words and wished them continued success in their future student life. During sport events, paintball and volleyball games, getting through the obstacle course, the yesterday’s schoolchildren got to know their fellow students and became a friendly team, ready to move together to their future profession. The Rector of the University of Technology, Tatiana Startseva, personally handed over “the key to knowledge” and the “excellent” credit book to the freshers, as the symbols of successful studies, and wished them to rise to eminence in the chosen speciality. The freshers sworn the University of Technology student solemn oath and chanted the University hymn.While releasing the balloons with the University symbol, they made a wish about happy and bright student life.



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