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LEONOV University of Technology

The Golden Section Award ceremony was held at the university

16.02.2023 The Golden Section Award ceremony was held at the university

On the Russian Science Day Leonov University of Technology held one of its most striking and important ceremonies the presentation of the Golden Section Award to the best students and teachers for the past academic year.

The Golden Section ceremony has been holding at the university since 2008 with the aim of improving the quality of the educational process, stimulating and disseminating achievements and the best practices in organizing educational and methodological work, research activities, as well as developing creative, scientific and organizational abilities of the students.

This year, the ceremony began with the presentation of diplomas of higher education to the graduates of the specialty Design, Production and Operation of Rockets and Rocket and Space Complexes. The achievements of the students are the best example of successful cooperation between the university and enterprises of the rocket and space industry in the field of personnel training. Training in this specialty lasts five and a half years, and recently the university graduates successfully defended their diploma projects on the topics of enterprises where most of them already work: RSC Energia named after S.P.Korolev, JSC Compozit, JSC KBKhimmash named after A.M.Isaev and others. After leaving the walls of the university, such graduates are the most sought-after highly qualified specialists. In a solemn atmosphere, Denis Kravchenko, Chairman of the Expert Council of the State Duma of the Russian Federation on the Rocket and Space Industry, presented diplomas to the university graduates. Tatyana Startseva, President of the University of Technology, was awarded the Honory Certificate for her great contribution to the development of education and science in honor of the Science Day.

On behalf of the Head of the City Administration the First Deputy Head of the Korolev Administration Sergey Ivanov congratulated all in attendance on the Science Day and presented the grateful letters for a significant contribution to research activities to Vasily Andreev, Head of the Educational and Scientific Laboratory Heterogeneous Synthesis of Advanced Materials of the University of Technology; Alexey Chesnokov, Head of the Educational and Scientific Laboratory New Ways of Shaping Refractory Materials and Reinforcing Frames of the university, and Valeria Khoroshavina, a 3rd year student, specialty Applied Mathematics and Informatics.

As part of the celebration, Tatyana Startseva personally presented the four best students of the University of Technology, who made a special contribution to the development and image of their native university, with the award of the President of the University of Technology in two nominations Education and Public Activity.

Then the most important event of the evening took place the announcement of the names of the winners of the Golden Section Award. The main heroes of the occasion were congratulated by the Hero of the Russian Federation, pilot-cosmonaut Oleg Skripochka; Head of the 4th Central Research Institute of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation Dmitry Knyazev; Adviser to the General Director of the Corporation Tactical Missiles, lieutenant general Vladimir Bugreev; General Director of the Center for Information Security Alexey Sidak; Deputy Director of the Institute New Metallurgical Technologies of JSC Compozit Alla Logacheva; Deputy Head for Scientific Activity of the Chief Scientific Metrological Center of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation Yury Kleimenov; Head of the Department for Training and Development of Personnel of JSC KBKhimmash named after A.M.Isaev Maria Abalikhina; Deputy Head of the Department Valves for Pneumohydraulic Systems of the Scientific and Technological Center Thermal Control and Life Support Systems, Onboard Pneumohydraulic Systems of RSC Energia named after S.P.Korolev Dmitry Mitrofanov; President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of city Korolev Luidmila Kozlova. The guests of honor presented the winners with well-deserved diplomas, prizes and gifts. The awards were presented in the following nominations: Student of the Year, Teacher of the Year, Student Group of the Year, etc.

Representatives of industrial enterprises the partners of the university, where the basic departments of the university are opened - also awarded nominal prizes to their best students, most of whom are already employed and have begun working in industries on the implementation of scientific projects in the field of rocket science, astronautics, IT, robotics.

We are proud of our winners and nominees and we are confident that they will be able to ensure the great future of our country!

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