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The first Regional Technological Center for Additive Manufacturing and Laser Technologies in Russia was opened at the University

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  • The first Regional Technological Center for Additive Manufacturing and Laser Technologies in Russia was opened at the University
18.11.2022 The first Regional Technological Center for Additive Manufacturing and Laser Technologies in Russia was opened at the University

On November 17, 2022, in the science city Korolev on the basis of Leonov University of Technology the first Regional Technological Center for Additive Manufacturing and Laser Technologies for enterprises of the military-industrial complex in Russia was opened as part of the Program Priority 2030 implemented by the St.Petersburg State Marine Technical University (SMTU).

The extended meeting of the Supervisory Board of the Regional Scientific and Educational Cluster "North-East" was held at the University of Technology. It was attended by the representatives of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, the State Corporation  Roscosmos , the deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, the heads of enterprises in the rocket and space industry, the military-industrial complex and IT companies, the heads of Russian science cities, the rectors of the country's leading technical universities, the astronauts.

The participants of the meeting on behalf of the Scientific and Educational Cluster "North-East" were welcomed by the President of the University of Technology Tatyana Startseva:

- Dear Colleagues! Our Scientific and Educational Cluster "North-East" has been existing for many years. Within its framework, we closely cooperate with enterprises of the rocket and space industry and together we have already implemented a lot of projects in our city on the basis of the university. Thanks to the help and support of all enterprises and the Korolev Administration, we created the Engineering Center, engineering classes, the Quantorium, the House of Scientific Collaboration, and IT workshops. And today we are opening the Center for Additive Manufacturing and Laser Technologies. Thank you all for the work done, and we look forward to further fruitful cooperation!

On behalf of the University of Technology Rector Alexey Shchikanov greeted the audience:

- Over the past decade, our University of Technology has become one of the most promising young modern universities, which uses all the technologies, developments and experience of our partner enterprises in its educational process and scientific activities. And the opening of the Center for Additive Technologies gives us a new impulse to the development of science and education, and training of personnel. Many thanks to all our colleagues for such productive cooperation and comprehensive support.

Head of city Korolev Igor Trifonov addressed the participants of the meeting:

- I am very glad that the Center for Additive Manufacturing is opening in our high-tech science city Korolev, the capital of Russian cosmonautics. The technological leadership is extremely important for our city. Today in the new Center for Additive Manufacturing we will see the continuation of the best engineering ideas of the world and, most importantly, of our engineers, who are now creating a unique product in Russia. The opening technology center is a combination of all federal programs. This, among other things, is the program for the development of science cities in the Russian Federation. Last year, our city Korolev became a winner of this competition held throughout Russia and received funding for the purchase of specialized equipment for additive manufacturing. And today we will see a unique product made of reinforced tape, which, in terms of its characteristics, significantly exceeds analogues.

All the participants were greeted by the Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Alexander Mazhuga via video link:

- I am very happy to welcome everyone on my own behalf and on behalf of the State Duma Committee on Science and Higher Education. Now for our state, one of the main tasks is its scientific and technological sovereignty. We need to concentrate so that our scientists, our research, our developments provide the state with the products and technologies necessary to ensure its defense capability, security and economic growth. And in this context, the Center for Additive Manufacturing and Laser Technologies, which is opening today in Korolev, is more relevant than ever. The Committee on Science and Higher Education of the State Duma is ready to support all your promising projects. I wish you successful work and further development of the University of Technology .

At the round table, the meeting participants discussed the implementation of the program of strategic academic leadership "Priority 2030". Within the framework of the program SMTU in consortium with the leading universities and large industrial enterprises of Russia creates a national network of technology centers for the development and implementation of promising technologies for laser processing of materials and additive manufacturing, systems of digital design and modeling to create products of rocket and space technology with characteristics identical to or exceeding the best world analogues. The center on the basis of the University of Technology, established in the science city Korolev, has become the first one of the network. In the future such centers will be opened in Samara, Pskov, Tomsk and other Russian cities, as well as in Minsk.

Rector of SMTU Gleb Turichin told the participants about this:

- Additive technologies are breakthrough technologies that have replaced traditional ones that have already lost their effectiveness. We were guided by the application of precisely such technologies when we submitted our project for creating a national network of technology centers for laser additive technologies to the Program Priority 2030 . By opening the centers, we solve several important tasks at once: firstly, we provide the leading industries with innovative technologies, and secondly, we train the appropriate personnel by teaching students on real hardware The equipment should be where the students study, the equipment should be where these students and their leaders have real orders from local enterprises. From this point of view, Korolev and the University of Technology are the best place for the efficient operation of the Center for Additive Manufacturing . I really hope that the enterprises that surround the University of Technology will immediately get involved in this work.

First Vice-Rector of the University of Technology Vyacheslav Startsev in his report spoke about the plans and prospects for the work of the Center opening at the University:

- The future operation of our Center for Additive Manufacturing as part of the national network of technology centers will, in our opinion, allow to reduce the time for processing incoming tasks from enterprises and businesses, to take advantage of the logistics of the regions in each individual center, and accelerate the exchange of knowledge and information as a whole within the network. We believe that it is universities that have the right to experiment, since the enterprises are deprived of such opportunity working now in three shifts on state defense orders. And we will be able to introduce developments in the field of additive technologies into the industry more efficiently and in a timely manner. Of course, the need for import substitution of certain technologies in technological sovereignty is long overdue, but right now we see real demand from industry enterprises. We have already received the orders from Isaev KBkhimmash, JSC Kompozit, Gazprom AIT Facility and other enterprises.

During the meeting, the parties agreed on the ways of scientific cooperation in the application of new technologies at the enterprises of the rocket and space industry and joint work on training specialists for high-tech industries of economy.

Director General of JSC Tactical Missiles Corporation  Boris Obnosov:

- Today's event is difficult to overestimate.It is extremely important for our entire country. We have a long and difficult path ahead of introducing additive technologies in all areas of production, but a start has been made. Both modern installations and materials for laser growth of products have already been developed, the University of Technology and SMTU are already preparing relevant specialists who will be able to increase production. And we will all follow this path of application and development of additive technologies together.

Director General of JSC Kompozit Alexander Beresnev:

- I congratulate the University of Technology and SMTU on such an energetic and productive passage of the first stage of the Program Priority 2030 Indeed, it is very pleasant that SMTU, having achieved certain leading positions in such a modern popular technology, did not go into shell, but followed the path of creating a whole network of centers, sharing its achievements with other universities. And for the University of Technology, in Korolev today begins a new stage in the formation of its potential, its new educational opportunities. A full cycle of additive manufacturing has already been created in our city: from powder to finished product. And we really need specialists who will develop our business. We have high hopes for the graduates of the University of Technology. And our joint basic departments will contribute to this.

Director of Isaev KBkhimmash Igor Panin:

- The opening of the Center for Additive Manufacturing and Laser Technologies at the University of Technology is very timely and necessary. Today, the issues of staffing our enterprises are of prime importance. And in the Center that is being opened, the comprehensive training will be organized for specialists in additive technologies of various categories: equipment operators, developers, engineers, designers, technologists. The quality of manufactured products and, in general, the development of the rocket and space industry will especially depend on them.

Head of the Laboratory of Materials Science, Institute of Solid State Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Mikhail Karpov:

- The application of additive technologies means a new technological revolution in the production of products from especially refractory, heat-resistant materials, without which the development of the rocket and space, aviation and electronic industries is impossible today. A serious scientific school in this direction should be created in the country, and the Russian Academy of Sciences is ready and open for cooperation. We are already developing alloys based on molybdenum at the Institute of Physics. I am glad that here today we will establish contacts with advanced high-tech enterprises and specialized universities, such as the University of Technology, St. Petersburg State Marine Technical University, STANKIN and other universities specializing in technological areas. And in the future we will be able to jointly produce industrial batches of products using additive technologies.

Executive Director of the Association for the Development of Additive Technologies Olga Ospennikova:

- Today, without our own developments in the field of additive technologies, we will not be able to develop our science and industry, primarily in the aviation and space industries.

Therefore, our key task is to create technological centers similar to those that are opening today in Korolev. And it is very important that these centers to be created at the industry-based universities, because in this way we will be able to provide high-quality training of highly qualified personnel in additive technologies. And on behalf of State Corporation Rosatom, I from the bottom of my heart  congratulate the University of Technology on the opening of the Center for Additive Manufacturing and Laser Technologies.

Deputy Director of the Department for Innovation and Advanced Research of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation Victor Kalinin:

- The Center for the Additive Manufacturing in Korolev is also being created as part of the strategy for the science cities development in Russia. Last year 16 applications were submitted to us for participation in the competition and I consider it natural that the project of the science city Korolev and the University of Technology received a grant of our Ministry for its implementation. And today we will see that this extremely important project has been embodied in reality. I want to thank all the participants in this process: the head of Korolev Igor Trifonov, the University of Technology and enterprises. Special thanks to the Rector of St. Petersburg University, Gleb Andreevich Turichin, for expanding cooperation with universities as much as possible within the framework of additive manufacturing and considering the University of Technology as a base for starting the work of the national network of technology centers in Russia.

After the meeting, an opening ceremony of the Center for Additive Manufacturing and Laser Technologies took place. The Deputy Director of the Department for Innovation and Advanced Research of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation Viktor Kalinin, the Director General of JSC "Tactical Missiles Corporation" Boris Obnosov, the Head of the city Korolev Igor Trifonov, the Rector of SMTU Gleb Turichin and the President of the University of Technology Tatiana Startseva, cut the red ribbon, launching its work. The participants of the meeting examined the equipment of the Center. The main equipment of it is a technological unit ILIST-M for direct laser growing, developed at SMTU within the framework of the federal program for financing innovative projects of science cities of the Russian Federation.

The main task of the newly opened Center is not only research and production work in close cooperation with enterprises in the rocket and space industry, but also the training of highly qualified personnel in the field of additive manufacturing and laser technologies.

For this purpose, the University of Technology together with JSC Compozit is opening a new basic department in this area, which will be headed by the leading expert of the enterprise in the field of new metallurgic technologies, D. Sc. in Engineering Alla Logacheva. During the opening of the Center, the relevant agreement was signed by the Rector of the University Aleksey Shchikanov and the Director General of JSC "Kompozit" Alexander Beresnev. The students of this basic department will have an internship at the Center for Additive Manufacturing and Laser Technologies, participate in its work and implement their research projects on its basis. 



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