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LEONOV University of Technology

Grandson of Sergey Korolev held a space lecture for University students

10.02.2022 Grandson of Sergey Korolev held a space lecture for University students

The Leonov University of Technology was visited by a guest, the meeting with whom, without any exaggeration, all the students of the University waited. Andrey Korolev is a grandson of Sergey Korolev, a legendary designer of rocket and space technology. Andrey Korolev is an outstanding scientist, professor, Doctor of Medicine, Head of the European Clinic for Sports Traumatology and Orthopedics.

Andrey Korolev gave a lecture Academician Sergei Pavlovich Korolev: how to make a childhood dream the goal of a lifetime. He told the students and teachers of the University about the life and mission of his famous grandfather, how despite all the obstacles Sergey Korolev remained true to his dream and paved the way for mankind into space. Andrey Korolev shared how the memory of his outstanding grandfather is preserved in the family today. The special guest of the University also spoke about his recent meeting with Elon Musk and expressed his opinion about the future of astronautics.

The students listened to the lecture with genuine interest and then overwhelmed Andrey Korolev with questions and asked him to come to the University more often if possible.

The guest promised to meet with the students of the University of Technology again and in memory of this first meeting he presented the University with the unique photographs of Sergey Korolev and his family. The photographs were solemnly handed over to the Rector of the University Alexey Shchikanov.



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