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LEONOV Moscow Region
University of Technology


Areas of Research

Research activities of the University of Technology are carried out in such areas as information technologies, quality management system, economics and sociology, business and educational activities. The University also has an experience in carrying out the joint researches with the enterprises of Korolev in the sphere of space activities and materials generation.

The University has a licence of the Federal Space Agency (Roskosmos) No. 1435 empowering to participate in research and experimental-design works on developing new materials and technologies including software and methodical ware for rocket and space technologies.

The University of Technology carries out research by coordinating the plans of research projects with the city’s enterprises and by organizing joint scientific research.

The enterprises of Korolev are involved for:

  • Carrying out joint research;
  • Fulfillment of work specifications under the state contracts;
  • Conducting the joint scientific conferences, meetings and publication of research papers on different challenges.

Student’s Research

Two youth centers work at the University – Youth Research Center and Student’s Scientific Society. The main activity of Youth Research Center is the support and the development of scientific ideas and formation of the young intellectual elite. The aim of Students’ Scientific Society is to heighten the students’ interest in the involvement in the scientific research for further development and integration of science and education.

Implementation of Research Results

  • Carrying out the Science Day together with regional enterprises and educational institutions;
  • Annual scientific conferences of post-graduates and students;
  • Annual inter-institute scientific conferences of students and post-graduates of the region;
  • Participation in the exhibitions of scientific and technical creativity.

Center specialization

- Development of formation and technological processes new recipes and methods for production of high-temperature polymer, ceramic and metal matrix composite materials.

- Participation in development of industrial technological processes for the manufacture of the certain form products and composition from existing recipes of high temperature composite materials.

- Technological and analytical support of R&D, including the study of the materials composition and micro and porous structure.

The University of Technology actively participates in international scientific conferences, seminars and forums.

International scientific cooperation

Head of the Science Department

Startsev Vyacheslav, Ph.D



Tel.: +7 (495) 543 34 31

Scientific journals



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141070 Moscow Region,
city of Korolev, st. Gagarin St., 42

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