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State Educational Institution of Higher Education Moscow Region

University of Technology

Digital Universe

20.09.2019 Digital Universe The University of Technology won the scholarship for hosting the engineer holidays within seasonal school "International Space Camp "Digital Universe". The engineering holidays will be held in the University of Technology Children’s Techno-Park “Quantorium”in Korolyov. Within the digital policy, pursued by the government of Russia, the key task is to provide the continuous education and training of qualified specialists . Every company needs the personnel, ready to meet the new epoch challenges. One of the ways to solve the problem may be establishing of the seasonal innovation school-campus - "International Space Camp "Digital Universe" in the University of Technology Children’s Techno-Park “Quantorium”. The motivated youth aged at 12-17 will be invited for participation in the project theme shifts. The program will be based on the modular principle: the subject part of every shift will be developed in accordance with the subject modules of the Children’s Techno-Park: astronautics, industrial robotics, circuitry engineering and IoT, nanotechnology, industrial design, information technology, virtual and augmented reality. The International Space Camp "Digital Universe" theme shifts program is aimed at training of future high-potential employees for the space industry and providing a background, enabling the teenagers to discover creators or researchers inside themselves. The program will help the participants to understand how to develop an engineering project which may become a successful start-up in future.



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