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LEONOV Moscow Region
University of Technology

Institute for international education




Tel: +7 (495) 543-34-33, +7 (495) 543-34-32



Assistant Vice rector

Tel: +7 (495) 543-34-32, +7 (495) 543-34-33


Main functions of the Institute:

  • organization of educational activities for the implementation of the higher education basic educational programs for foreign citizens (extramural learning) : bachelor programs, master programs;
  • visa and registration support for foreign students for the period of their study at the University of Technology

The Institute has gained extensive experience in organizing the process of foreign citizens training. About 500 students from different countries have received bachelor and specialist diplomas since 2014.

The University of Technology academic staff, consisting of the experienced theorists and practitioners, carries out the educational process at a high level and trains the professionals of the 21st century, aimed at solving key practical tasks for economy, production and management.

The following innovative technologies are widely used in the educational process:

  • Internet technologies;
  • Electronic educational and methodological complexes;
  • Video-conferencing systems;
  • Online counseling;
  • Students testing within e-learning system.

Foreign students have the opportunity to participate in research activities, deliver reports and presentations at scientific and practical conferences. The subjects of foreign students course projects and final qualification works are developed in view of their future professional activities and meet the actual needs of the foreign countries economic and technological development. The Institute staff members organize excursions for foreign students to Moscow, Korolyov and the Moscow region beauties.

High level education, flexible learning system with the use of distance learning technologies, reasonable prices, close proximity to Moscow, warm psychological climate, developed university infrastructure and an interesting student life - all these facts attract young people from around the globe to choose exactly the University of Technology for their training.

The following documents should be provided by the foreign students entering the University of Technology:

  • Foreign citizen personal application form.
  • Copy of the document proving his identity, citizenship.
  • Notarized translation into Russian of the document, attesting to the identity and nationality of a person. The translation must be certified in the prescribed manner.
  • Original state standard document on education, as well as a copy of the certificate of this document recognition in the case provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation.
  • Translation into Russian of the foreign state document on the level of education and its annexes certified in the prescribed manner (if the latter is provided for by the legislation of the state in which such a document on education was issued).
  • Voluntary health insurance policy for the training period at the University of Technology (it is possible to apply for a policy at the University).
  • Medical certificate of the international standard on the examination for the absence of HIV infection not earlier than 2 weeks before entering the territory of the Russian Federation.
  • Medical certificate indicating that the candidate has no contraindications to study in the Russian Federation, including fluorography examination.
  • 4 photos 3 * 4 (black and white, matte).


Personal data of employees are provided in accordance with the Consent to the processing of personal data

Policy regarding the processing of personal data

Information about the current requirements for the protection of personal data


141070 Moscow Region,
city of Korolev, st. Gagarin St., 42

+7 (495) 516-99-29
+7 (495) 516-99-46