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State Educational Institution of Higher Education Moscow Region

University of Technology

Institute for engineering and digital technology



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Ph.D. in Engineering

Tel: +7(495) 516-99-29 äîá. 1313

Training in the technical areas of higher education at the University is carried out by the Institute for Engineering and Digital Technology.

The Institute implements a unique model of practice-oriented training, where fundamental knowledge is taught by system-forming departments directly at the University, and special disciplines, necessary for the graduate quick and efficient involvement in the labour activity, are taught at the basic departments of the system-forming enterprises of Korolyov, where the alumni overwhelmingly find employment.

The graduating departments of the Institute are:

  1. Department of Engineering and Technology;
  2. Department of Information Technology and Control Systems;
  3. Deparrtment of Information Security;
  4. Department of Mathematical and Natural Disciplines;
  5. Department of Quality Management and Standardization.

The Institute has specialized departments:

  1. Department of Management and Information Technologies in Space Systems (Maksimov Research Institute of Space Systems (NII KS), a branch of Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center);
  2. Department of Information Technology for Rocket Telemetry (NPO "Measurement Techniques");
  3. Department of Product Quality Metrological Assurance (FSBI Chief Scientific Metrology Center of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation);
  4. Department of Quality Management and Research in the Field of New Materials and Technologies (JSC "Kompozit);
  5. Department of Information Systems and Technologies for Design, Production and Management (JSC Tactical Missiles Corporation);
  6. Department of Engineering and Technology for Rocket Engine Building (Isaev Chemical Engineering Design Bureau, a branch of Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center);
  7. Department of Rocket Technology (Blagonravov Mechanical Engineering Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences)
  8. Department of Information Security (JSC "NOVO");
  9. Department of Technology and Development of Electronic-Component Base and Electronic Modules Production (Radioautomatics LTD).

The Institute includes two faculties:

Faculty for Information and Communication Systems and Technologies

Bachelor Degree

01.03.02 Applied Mathematics and Computer Science (full-time learning)

  • Programming
  • Mathematical Simulation

09.03.02 Information Systems and Technologies (full-time and extramural learning)

  • Information Technology in Technical Systems

09.03.03 Applied Informatics (full-time and extramural learning)

  • Applied Informatics in Control Systems

10.03.01 Information Security (full-time and extramural learning)

  • Organization and Technology of Information Protection
  • Information and Analytical Systems for Financial Monitoring

27.03.04 Management in Technical Systems (full-time learning)

  • Management and Information Technology in Space Systems
  • Information Technology for Rocket Telemetry

Specialist Degree

11.05.01 Radioelectronic Systems and Ñomplexes (full-time learning)

  • Radioelectronic Systems of Space Complexes and Electronic Warfare

Master Degree

09.04.03 Applied Informatics (full-time learning)

  • Applied Informatics in the Information Environment

Faculty for Rocket and Space Technics and Engineering

Bachelor Degree

15.03.05 Design and Technological Support for Engineering Industries (full-time and extramural learning).

  • Engineering Technology

15.03.06 Mechatronics and Robotics (full-time learning)

  • Mobile Robotics Systems

27.03.02 Quality Management (full-time and extramural learning)

  • Quality management in Mechanical Engineering

27.03.05 Innovation (full-time learning)

  • Innovation Management in Industry

Specialist Degree

24.05.01 Design, Production and Operation of Rockets and Space-Rocket Complexes (full-time and extramural learning)

  • Production and Testing of Rocket- Space Technology Products

Master Degree

27.04.02 Quality Management (full-time learning)

  • Quality Management in Technological Systems
  • Economic Factors for Quality Management and their Assessment
  • Assessment of Financial Institutions Strategic Management Quality

Training Period:

Bachelor Degree: 4 years (full-time learning), 5 years (extramural learning)

Specialist Degree: 5 and 5.5 years (full-time learning), 6 or 6.5 years (extramural learning)

Master Degree: 2 years

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