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State Educational Institution of Higher Education Moscow Region

University of Technology


Information and technology faculty

Dean – Victor Privalov, associate professor, PhD (Technical sciences)

Victor PrivalovThe Faculty was established in order to train high qualified specialists in information technologies and automated systems, information security, engineering system management and applied information science. The Faculty consists of 9 departments, including 4 basic departments at the leading enterprises of Moscow Region:

  • Department of mathematics and science
  • Department of information security
  • Department of information technology and system management
  • Department of quality management and standardization
  • Basic department “Information technology of rocket telemetry”
  • Basic department “ Management and information technology in space systems”
  • Basic department “ Metrological product quality”
  • Basic department “Quality management and research in the field of new materials and technologies”

At the Faculty the students not only receive fundamental theoretical knowledge but gain hands-on industry experience at the enterprises of Moscow Region, in banking sector and businesses. The students of the Faculty are the winners of various scholarships and competitions.

The teaching staff of the Faculty conducts research in different scientific fields and makes reports at the international scientific conferences. A great number of research articles have been published in Russian and oversea editions.

Dean’s Office Working Hours:

  • Mon. - Fri. 10:00-16:00, room 313, Main building

Address: Moscow Region, Korolev, Gagarina str, 42

Tel.: +7 (495) 516 99 29 ext. 1113


Faculty of management, social sciences and humanities

Dean – Vera Aleksahina, associate professor, PhD (in Economics)

Vera AleksahinaFaculty of management, social sciences and humanities is very popular in the University. The Faculty is training high qualified specialists for state and municipal structures, managers for government and commercial companies, customs officers, competent sociologists, psychologists and designers.

The Faculty consists of 7 departments, including 2 basic departments:

  • Department of management
  • Department of applied psychology
  • Department of design
  • Department of foreign languages
  • Department of humanities and social disciplines
  • Basic department “Municipal management”
  • Basic department “Social researches”

80% of the teaching staff have science degrees in different spheres. The Faculty members are the leaders in business education and during their studies the students gain practical hands-on experience. Both the staff and the students actively participate in academic exchange, competitions, conferences and internships in oversea countries.

Almost all of the alumni are in demand in the market, easily gain employment and then quickly move up the career ladder.

Dean’s Office Working Hours:

  • Mon. - Fri. 10:00-16:00, room 401, Main building

Address: Moscow Region, Korolev, Gagarina str, 42

Tel.: +7 (495) 516 99 29 ext. 1422, 1412


Finance and economics faculty

Dean – Svetlana Bashirova ,associate professor, PhD (Education)

Svetlana BashirovaThe key aim of the Faculty is to train highly-qualified experts in economics, finance, business, accounting and economic analysis who are in demand in the market. The graduates of the University have fundamental knowledge and practical skills; they have the ability of creative and strategic thinking and can make informed decisions in financial management.

The Faculty consists of 5 departments, including 3 basic departments:

  • Department of economics
  • Department of finance and accounting
  • Basic department “Banking”
  • Basic department “Corporate financial accounting”
  • Basic department “Economics and industrial management”

The teaching staff of the Faculty actively participate in international research-to-practice conferences, round tables of the partner universities, publish their papers both in Russian and foreign scientific reviews.

The graduates of the Faculty are engaged in different ministers and administrations of Moscow Region, commercial banks, audit companies, tax offices, large research and industrial enterprises.

Dean’s Office Working Hours:

  • Mon. - Fri. 10:00-16:00, room 401, Main building

Address: Moscow Region, Korolev, Gagarina str, 42

Tel.: +7 (495) 516 99 29 ext. 1194, 1401


Faculty for foreign students

Dean – Oksana Arend

Oksana ArendThe high level of education, flexible learning system, involving the distant learning technologies, fair education prices, proximity to Moscow, friendly group atmosphere, developed university infrastructure, interesting student life – all these facts attract young applicants from across the world to the University of Technology.

The Internet technologies are widely used in the educational process, as well as electronic teaching materials, videoconferencing systems, webinars, students’ counselling and testing by the e-learning system.

The Faculty key aims and objectives:

  1. Organization of the foreign students teaching process on the commercial basis on the following bachelor degree majors:
    • 09.03.03 Applied informatics
    • 27.03.03 Quality management
    • 37.03.01 Psychology
    • 38.03.01 Economics (on profiles)
    • 38.03.02 Management
    • 54.03.01 Design
  2. Documents preparation for getting invitation, registration on the territory of Russian Federation.
  3. Nostrification of the documents on education and qualification.
  4. Accommodation and household services arrangement for foreign students, medical insurance preparation for the duration of stay in Russian Federation, as well as leisure and mass cultural events organization.
  5. Preparation of the foreign applicants to the Unified National Exam.

Attendance: extramural (two examination periods yearly) with the use of distant learning technologies.

Entrance trials: written tests at the University.

Dean’s Office Working Hours:

  • Mon. - Fri. 10:00-16:00, room 401, 2-nd building

Address: Moscow Region, Korolev, Oktyabrskaya str., 10A

Tel.: +7 (495) 543 34 30 ext. 2115


Faculty of extramural studies

Dean – Andrey Novichkov ,associate professor, PhD (History)

Andrey NovichkovThe extramural mode of study offers the majors:

  • Economics (finance and credit, accounting, economics of enterprises and organizations, banking, enterprise and real estate economic appraisal)
  • Business
  • Management
  • State and municipal management
  • Quality management
  • Customs
  • Information systems and technologies
  • Information security
  • Applied information science in economics
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Design

The training on the faculty is held in two general forms:

  • Part-time (classes once a week at weekends)
  • Extramural (two examination periods yearly)

The extramural education at the University is also available to those who desire to get a second higher education.

The extramural term of apprenticeship for the first higher education - 5 or 4 years; for the second one - 3 years.

The training process involves the block- modular system: the training subjects for each semester are combined in modules, 2–3 subjects in each; the part-time mode studies are held weekly at weekends. The module is completed by the final module control (exam, pass-fail exam) in each subject.

The Faculty implements also a classic extramural education mode , based on the distance learning technology. The students get the training package, learning aids, examination topics and tests on the computer media, which contain all the necessary information. After listening to the overview lecture and attending the scheduled tutorials, the students will study the subject by themselves and then take their exams.

Dean’s Office Working Hours:

  • Mon. - Fri. 10:00-16:00, room 401, 2-nd building

Address: Moscow Region, Korolev, Oktyabrskaya str., 10A

Tel.: +7 (495) 543 34 30 ext. 2114


Space engineering and technology college

Director – Dmitri Sysoev

Dmitri SysoevThe Space Engineering and Technology College was founded in 1947, initiated by Sergey Korolyov, and at present is considered as a structural unit of the University of Technology.

The secondary vocational education, provided by the college, is crucial for the priority modernization and economic technological development processes of the Russian Federation.

The students applying for the extended study program have the opportunity to graduate by the crash programme, using the distant learning technology.

The education process of the College is fulfilled in close contact with the city-forming enterprises of science city Korolev and other organizations of Moscow Region. The basic departments are established in Isaev Chemical Design Bureau (KBKhimMASH) and NPO “Measuring Equipment” (NPO IT). The specialists of the said organizations are actively involved in the education process, as all practical and laboratory classes are held at the organizations’ premises.

Space engineering and technology college
Space engineering and technology college
Space engineering and technology college

To increase competitiveness of the graduates and run on them at the labour market the College implements practice-oriented training, thus the senior students can combine their apprenticeship with the education process, getting practical skills required for day to day work activity in the organization of choice.

All the College graduates are in great demand, and employed by the city and regional organizations. Many College graduates arrive at the decision to follow the higher educational program in the University.

Director’s Office Working Hours:

  • Mon. - Fri. 10:00-16:00

Address: Moscow Region, Korolev, Pionerskaya str., 8

Tel.: +7 (495) 516 53 25


Design and technology college

Director – Tamara Kovaleva

Tamara KovalevaThe Design and Technology College, being a structural unit of the University of Technology, is one of the oldest educational establishments of Russia. During its 80-year history the College has trained several thousands of specialists, many of whom later became the managers and CEOs of large enterprises. The College graduates constitute a considerable part of the human capacity in the industrial enterprises of the country.

The College facilities were designed to provide the students with the best resources to promote their academic success: well-equipped classrooms and laboratories, IT rooms and workshops. All this allows to bring the education process more in line with the real production process requirements.

Design and technology college
Design and technology college
Design and technology college

The College provides opportunities not only for the professional growth but also for the students personal development and cognition interest satisfaction. The creative workshops have been successfully working at the College for many years. The students of the College are the winners of several fashion show competitions.

The College graduates are in demand in various enterprises and businesses. After the graduation the students are usually employed according to their specialities or continue their education at the University of Technology.

Director’s Office Working Hours:

  • Mon. - Fri. 10:00-16:00

Address: Moscow Region, Korolev, Stadionnaya str., 1

Tel.: +7 (495) 516 53 25


Institute of additional education

The University of Technology provides additional education for those who have already received the first secondary or higher vocational education and wish to gain a new extra qualification or get the right to work in the chosen sphere of activity.

The key priorities of the Institute educational activities:

  • Continuing vocational programs (professional development programs and occupational retraining)
  • Vocational training programs for the higher and secondary education students, redundant employees, jobless and others (profession development programs; occupational retraining and qualification development for the workers and officers)
  • Additional general enrichment programs.

During the educational process the key benefits of the additional vocational education are used:

  • Short study duration
  • Flexible academic calendar, allowing to minimize the need to study during working hours
  • Choice of training place (classes may be held at the client territory , in the University of Technology or another place)
  • Modern active teaching methods, targeted at client experience, demands and age
  • Possibility to develop and implement the educational programs based on the client requests;
  • Specific requirements for teaching staff (theoretical knowledge and practical experience in the relevant subjects).

Participants, successfully passed the training class, receive a standard document (diploma or certificate).

Working Hours:

  • Mon. - Fri. 10:00-16:00, room 15, 2-nd building

Address: Moscow Region, Korolev, Oktyabrskaya str., 10 A

Tel.: +7 (495) 516 99 32 ext. 2146



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