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Secondary vocational education

The majors provided by Space Engineering and Technology College:

--13.jpg40.02.01 Law and human services

38.02.01 Economy and accounting

15.02.08 Mechanical engineering

24.02.01 Flight vehicle manufacturing

12.02.06 Biotechnology and medical devices and systems

12.02.08 Prosthetic- orthopedic and rehabilitative technology

11.02.04 Radio engineering complexes and spacecraft control systems

09.02.03 Programming in computer systems

09.02.04 Information systems

The majors provided by Design and Technology College:

54.02.01 Design

38.02.07 Banking

38.02.02 Insurance

43.02.08 Private household and communal services

38.02.04 Commerce

29.02.04 Design, modeling and technology of sewing garments